PRESS RELEASE: Unobstructed View announces partnership with Xenon Pictures

Toronto, ON (December 21st, 2017) ? Unobstructed View is pleased to announce that it is now the exclusive distributor in Canada of home entertainment for California-based Xenon Pictures. Founded in 1986, Xenon Pictures, Inc. is recognized in the U.S. home entertainment marketplace as the first label to focus on the urban market and other underserved areas. Key titles in the Xenon catalogue include the award-winning documentary Welcome to Death Row, a look at the legendary rap label, the definitive reggae classic The Harder They Come, and several iconic Blaxploitation films including Dolemite and Melvin Van Peebles’ Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song. Xenon President Leigh Savidge received a Best Original Screenplay Oscar nomination for Straight Outta Compton, the acclaimed story of gangster rap legends NWA.

“I have known Leigh for decades and he is known as a true pioneer in the urban genre,” says UV?s Jonathan Gross. “We look forward to building his business in Canada.”

“Unobstructed View is the leading independent distributor for DVD and Blu-ray in Canada and we’re excited to work with them to grow our business north of the border,” declared Xenon President Leigh Savidge.

UV will be distributing all DVD and Blu-ray releases in Canada for Xenon, including a slate of newly restored Blaxploitation classics. UV will also be handling TV sales for selected titles.

For more information please call Lydia Ogwang at 416-597-8325 or contact her at

About Unobstructed View:

Unobstructed View (previously known as Video Services Corp.) is a full-service distributor with direct relationships and a commitment to tailor distribution strategies across all platforms, from theatrical release to home video, VOD, and television. Owned by former rock critic Jonathan Gross, Unobstructed View owns a catalog of hundreds of film and TV titles and has ongoing distribution agreements with Film Movement, Kino Lorber and Synapse, just to name a few. Recent and upcoming film and TV releases include TIFF Selections Past Life and In Between, Sundance selection As You Are, Canadian film First Round Down and C├ęzanne et Moi.

About Xenon Pictures:

Founded in 1986, Xenon Pictures is recognized for creating the first significant labels focused on the Black audience market. In developing the label, Xenon forged relationships with some of the most revolutionary independent film pioneers: Melvin Van Peebles, Rudy Ray Moore, Jamaa Fanaka, Ralph Bakshi and Perry Henzell to name just a few, and sought out films that are not only commercial, but were truly groundbreaking and have maintained their appeal (across ever-broadening audiences) for decades. The company’s most recent film project, Straight Outta Compton grossed over $205 million theatrically, and garnered an Oscar nomination for Xenon’s founder.

Today with a library of over 200 titles, Xenon Pictures, Inc. remains one of the few self-distributing media entertainment labels able to offer a full-service distribution platform in North America.

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