Updated Shipping Status -Unobstructed View and COVID-19

Update – July 23, 2020

All in-stock orders placed through July 14 are shipped. We received a huge number of orders on July 15 and it will take several days to ship all those orders! Thanks to all our customers for your patience and understanding.

Update – July 10, 2020

All orders up to June 28 are out! June 29 starts on Monday. Thanks to all our customers for your continued patience.

Update – June 30, 2020

We are continuing to ship as quickly as we can, the warehouse is running six days a week. All in-stock orders up to June 14 are shipping today or earlier. Thanks again to everyone for your continued patience. Happy Canada Day!

Update – June 17, 2020

Arrow Sale orders continue to ship. June 3 orders have shipped and we have received a lot of backordered product so backorders are shipping.

Update – June 11, 2020

Arrow Sale orders are shipping! June 2 orders have started to ship, the rest are shipping today. Thanks to all for your continued patience.

Update – June 9, 2020

All in-stock May orders and June 1 orders have shipped, Arrow sale orders are going out starting today!

Update – May 19, 2020

All in-stock orders through and including May 4 have shipped as of today. Thanks so much to everyone for your patience.

Update – May 16, 2020

All in-stock orders from April have shipped. We are continuing to run the warehouse 6 days a week and we’ve been able to increase staffing in the warehouse. We’re working as fast as we can to get your orders out to you, but Canada Post is also reporting delays due to volume. Thanks to all our customers for your continued support and patience.

Update – May 6, 2020

Thanks to everyone for your support and your patience! We have shipped all in-stock orders placed before April 25, there are some April 25 backorders that we expect to ship them this week. The response to the April sale was stronger than expected and we have reduced staff in the warehouse, but we do have the warehouse going 6 days a week!

Update – March 31, 2020

We appreciate your continued support and hope you’re all remaining safe. We are continuing to ship orders, but our warehouse staff and hours are significantly reduced so there will be short delays in shipping. Thanks to all of your for sticking with us and sticking together.

Stay well.

Jonathan Gross
President, Unobstructed View

Update – March 19, 2020

To our valued customers:

We know you’ve been getting a lot of policy statements about COVID-19 from a variety of companies in your life, and you probably don’t need another one. But we want to make sure you’re aware that we’re taking extra precautions in our office and warehouse.

Staff who can work from home are doing so and those who are in the office are practicing social distancing, which kind of describes most of our personal lives up to now anyway. We’re also implementing increased hygiene practices in the warehouse and office. We’re frowning on PDA (Public Displays Of Animosity)

Seriously, as a small company, we rely on the continued support of our customers, and it’s even more appreciated in times such as these. Film is always important, and we do not lose sight of the fact that cinephiles are consistently reaching out for provocative entertainment and diversion even while struggling with perpetually evolving reality. We are committed to our relationship with you under the safest possible standards. Unbeatable prices too.

Be safe everyone, let’s look out for each other, and let’s keep washing our hands.

Jonathan Gross
President, Unobstructed View

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