Wish Upon a Star (2018 US Release)
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Wish Upon a Star (2018 US Release)


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Studio: Samuel Goldwyn
Director: Blair Treu
Year: 1996
Format: DVD
Genre: Family, Fantasy
Cast: Danielle Harris, Katherine Heigl
Original Language: English
Subtitle Language:
Number of discs: 1
Street Date: 03-Jul-18
Runtime (minutes): 90


Seventeen-year-old Alexia hasn’t been herself lately. Neither has fifteen-year-old Hayley. But it’snot puberty that’s causing the commotion. It’s something a bit more complicated. Hayley (Danielle Harris, Urban Legend ) is an average teenager, a grungy braniac with no fashion sense. The only thingaverage about her sister, Alexia, (Katherine Heigl of TV’s “Roswell”) is her grades. But there’s nothing average about the sibling rivalry that explodes when a wish makes them switch places. Hayley is ecstatic: the car keys, the guys, the cool friends – suddenly they’re all hers. And Alexia gets…well, Alexia gets as mad as you’d expect for a pretty and popular teenage girl in this situation. After all, life among the clueless Hayleys of the world is no life for someone blessed with a gift foraccessorizing. But, after a couple of days in each other’s shoes, Hayley and Alexia begin to understand each other – and themselves – better. Now their biggest problem is finding a way to reverse the wish.

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