True Story of a Woman in Soapland: Tear!


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While engaging with his young mistress, Kikuta learns that his high
school flame Hasekura has taken up residence as a prostitute at the
local soapland. With his curiosity sparked, Kikuta tracks Hasekura
down as she leaves her shift and they soon engage in an affair of
their own. While Kikuta promises the many women in his life that
he’ll break up with the others, he continues on with all of them,
increasing his kinks and desires along the way – until his wife finally
convinces him that he has to come back to his family. But saying
goodbye to Hasekura won’t be as easy as hoped – for either Kikuta or
Hasekura. Digging into one of Japan’s sex industry “soaplands”,
Nikkatsu takes you behind the curtain and up close and personal
with the prostitutes in SOAPLAND TEAR.

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