The Suckling [BD/DVD Combo]

The Suckling [BD/DVD Combo]

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Genre: Horror
Director: Francis Teri
Cast: Antoinette Greene, Frank Rivera, Gerald Preger, Janet Sovey, Lisa Petruno, Marie Michaels
Year: 1989
Format: DVD/BR
Number of discs: 2
Street Date: 16-Apr-19
Original Language: English
Studio: Vinegar Syndrome

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After being tricked into having an abortion at Big Mama?s underground abortion clinic / brothel, a young woman?s extracted fetus is flushed into the sewer system wherein it?s exposed to toxic waste and begins to mutate into an ever growing and increasingly bloodthirsty monster. The girls, johns and other assorted weirdos find themselves trapped inside the brothel where they are forced to face off against the agitated, prenatal creature, as well as each other, in a high stakes quest to stay alive, or at least in one piece.

An offbeat and gleefully violent monster horror-comedy from one time director Francis Teri, THE SUCKLING blends gratuitous gore, nonchalant T&A, and a sly side helping of social commentary, resulting in a distinctive 80s horror indie gem. Vinegar Syndrome presents this direct-to-video favorite on Blu-ray in the US for the first time, in a brand new 2k restoration made from its original 16mm camera negative.

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