The Killing Kind [BD/DVD Combo]

The Killing Kind [BD/DVD Combo]

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Director: Curtis Harrington
Cast: Ann Sothern, Cindy Williams, John Savage, Luana Anders, Ruth Roman, Sue Bernard
Year: 1973
Format: DVD/BR
Number of discs: 2
Street Date: 20-Nov-18
Original Language: English
Studio: Vinegar Syndrome

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After being released from prison for a brutal assault in which he too was a victim, Terry returns home to his mother?s (Ann Sothern) boarding house. Unable to cope with his freedom and uncertain about how to appease his ever growing desire to harm those around him, Terry finds solace in playing violent practical jokes. But when an attractive young woman (Cindy Williams) moves into the boarding house, Terry finds himself overpowered by violent impulses and, in a fit of rage, accidentally murders the woman. Now engulfed by bloodlust, it?s not long before he begins seeking out more victims…

A brooding study on the nurturing of a serial killer, acclaimed filmmaker Curtis Harrington?s (NIGHT TIDE, RUBY) THE KILLING KIND remains an unsettling depiction of violent mental illness. Featuring John Savage (THE DEER HUNTER), as Terry, in his first starring role, and lushly photographed by Mario Tosi (CARRIE), Vinegar Syndrome presents this unforgettable study in psychosis on Blu-ray for the first time, newly restored from its original 35mm camera negative.

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