The Bride’s Initiation [DVD]

The Bride’s Initiation [DVD]

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Director: Emilio Portici
Cast: Carol Connors, Jack Birch, Marc Brook
Year: 1973
Format: DVD
Number of discs: 1
Street Date: 20-Nov-18
Original Language: English
Studio: Vinegar Syndrome

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On the way to their honeymoon, a lusty young couple find themselves kidnapped by their chauffeur and taken to Dracula’s secret layer, to be used in diabolical rites to keep the Count young and virile. When the abducted bride’s parents turn to a local detective for help, the disbelieving cop realizes that he may indeed be facing a real life vampire in sunny Miami. Meanwhile Dracula has set his sights on an attractive young woman who he’s determined to make into his bride.

A completely bonkers erotic horror-comedy, THE BRIDE’S INITIATION (which was shot as THE VAMPIRE but first released as DEMON’S BREW) was produced and directed by the mysterious Emilio Portici as ‘Duncan Stewart.’ Co-starring Carol Connors (EROTIC ADVENTURES OF CANDY) and her husband Jack Birch (father of Thora Birch) as Dracula’s diabolical right hand man, Vinegar Syndrome brings this unclassifiable regional oddity to DVD, newly restored from 35mm vault elements.

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