Skin Flicks [BD/DVD Combo]

Skin Flicks [BD/DVD Combo]

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Genre: Classic Erotica
Director: Gerard Damiano
Cast: Beth Anna, Colleen Anderson, Herschel Savage, Jamie Gillis, Joey Silvera, Sharon Mitchell
Year: 1978
Format: DVD/BR
Number of discs: 2
Street Date: 21-May-19
Original Language: English
Studio: Vinegar Syndrome

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Harry (Tony Hudson) is an ambitious director of hardcore movies who’s reached a breaking point. Fearing that he is artistically burnt out and struggling to find meaning in both his life and work, Tony finds solace with the companionship of an equally emotionally damaged young actress named Susan (Sharon Mitchell). As their relationship grows, Tony hopes to find the creative inspiration to finish his latest film, as Susan continues on a downward spiral which threatens to destroy them both.

Director Gerard Damiano’s (Memories Within Miss Aggie) most personal and self reflective film, SKIN FLICKS is the quintessential insider-looking-in exploration of the human side of the hardcore film production world. Co-starring Jamie Gillis (Waterpower), Colleen Anderson (More than Sisters), and Beth Anna (Sweet Savage) in memorable supporting roles, SKIN FLICKS is a haunting and at times startling examination of the emotional repercussions of the adult film world and comes to Blu-ray from Vinegar Syndrome, newly restored from the best surviving 35mm elements.

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