MacShayne: Winner Takes All & Final Roll of the Dice
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MacShayne: Winner Takes All & Final Roll of the Dice


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Studio: Shout Factory
Year: 1984
Format: DVD
Original Language: English
Subtitle Language: English
Number of discs: 1
Street Date: 17-Nov-2020
Runtime (minutes): 200


Music superstar Kenny Rogers lights up the screen as John J. “Jack” MacShayne in a pair of Sin City-set mystery movies.

MacShayne: Winner Takes All follows reformed conman MacShayne, recently released from jail, as he makes his way to Las Vegas to reconnect with his son — only to find that both his child and his ex-wife have seemingly disappeared. When a retired cop offers to help, MacShayne finds that nothing in Vegas comes without a price.

In MacShayne: Final Roll Of The Dice, our hero — working as a casino’s head of security — finds himself tasked with protecting a variety of guests. From the kleptomaniac grandson of the hotel’s CEO, to a political candidate stalked by a hit man, to a singer accused of the murder of her ex-husband, MacShayne’s got his hands full — but he’s always got an ace up his sleeve.

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