In Order of Disappearance

In Order of Disappearance

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Genre: Thriller, Dark Comedy
Director: Hans Petter Moland
Cast: Bruno Ganz, Pål Sverre Hagen, Jakob Oftebro, Birgitte Hjort Sørensen, Stellan Skarsgard
Year: 2014
Format: DVD
Number of discs: 1
Street Date: 06-Dec-16
Original Language: Norwegian, Swedish
Studio: Magnolia Pictures

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Introverted and hard-working snowplow driver Nils has just been named ?Citizen of the Year,? when he receives news that his son has died of a heroin overdose. Disbelieving the official report, Nils soon uncovers evidence of the young man’s murder – a victim in a turf war between the local crime boss, known as “The Count”, and his Serbian rivals. Armed with heavy machinery and a good dose of beginner’s luck, Nils embarks upon a quest for revenge that soon escalates into a full-blown underworld gang war, with the body count spiraling ever higher and higher.

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