Django Prepare a Coffin
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Django Prepare a Coffin

   DVD/BR Pack

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Studio: Arrow Films
Director: Ferdinando Baldi
Format: DVD/BR Pack
Cast: George Eastman, Horst Frank, Terence Hill
Original Language:
Subtitle Language:
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Runtime (minutes): 92


Django the drifter returns in this classic sixties Spaghetti Western from Ferdinando Baldi (Texas Addio, Comin? At Ya!), starring Terence Hill (They Call Me Trinity) as the wandering gunslinger, hired as executioner to a corrupt local politician who is framing innocent men, sending them to hang in an evil scheme to take hold of their land.

But Django has other ideas and, cleverly faking the deaths of the condemned men, he assembles them into a loyal gang who?ll help him take down the boss, a man who had a hand in the death of Django?s wife years before.

Thrill as Django gets his bloody revenge with a hail of bullets in this classic from a series of B-movie western that helped to define a genre. Prepare your coffin now!

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