Dead American Woman

Dead American Woman

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Genre: Horror
Year: 2006
Format: DVD
Number of discs: 1
Street Date: 20-Nov-18
Original Language: English
Studio: CAV

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After being brought back from the grave through ?the excrement of an innocent,? murdered go-go dancer Tabitha (Julie Fabulous) sets out to avenge her death, which was at the hands of snuff film producing religious zealot, Virginia Slim (Heather Marie Vernon). Enlisting the aid of Cynthia, whose young daughter also met a gruesome fate from Virginia and her clown-faced henchman, Happy (Happy Dave), Tabitha begins exacting bloody vengeance against all those who wronged her, in the hope that through her acts of violence she?ll earn a place in the kingdom of hell. But with each increasingly brutal slaying, Cythia?s own blood lust becomes more and more apparent, leading to unexpected consequences?

Massacre Video proudly presents the gore filled, darkly comedic, and slightly surreal no-budget horror opus by director Peter Romeo Lambert?s (NURSE JILL) DEAD AMERICAN WOMAN. A film that nightmarishly blends the aesthetics of underground film making with slasher set pieces. Co-starring Selwyn Harris (DEVIL IN MISS JONES 5) and an unforgettable performance from Wiley George Finley as Grandpa, DEAD AMERICAN WOMAN makes its official DVD debut, in its never before seen director?s cut.

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