Calm at Sea

Calm at Sea

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Genre: Drama
Director: Volker Schlöndorff
Year: 2011
Format: DVD
Number of discs:
Street Date: 22-Jan-19
Original Language: French
Studio: Film Movement

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Few outside Europe are familiar with Guy M?quet, the symbol of the French Resistance against the Nazi occupation during the second World War, but to the country of France, he is a brave soul that lives forever in their hearts and minds. Calm at Sea, a narrative based on M?quet’s final days, is one of the outstanding historical dramas that Corinth is especially proud to distribute.

In October of 1941, two German officers are gunned down in broad daylight in Nantes by French Resistance members, the first instance of German blood to be shed in this region. In retaliation, Hitler orders 100 Frenchmen to be shot. Instead of innocent Frenchmen, it was later arranged that 100 political prisoners would die, selected by the district administrator from a camp in Brittany where M?quet and others like him are incarcerated for various offences.

This is their story.

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