Black Devil Doll From Hell/Tales From The Quadead Zone Box set


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Studio: CAV
Director: Chester Novell Turner
Year: 1984, 1987
Format: DVD
Genre: Horror
Cast: Keefe Turner, Rickey Roach, Shirley LaTanya Jones
Original Language: English
Subtitle Language:
Number of discs: 2
Street Date: 24-Dec-13
Runtime (minutes):

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Wholesome Christian woman, Helen Black, is browsing through a local antique shop when she spots a ventriloquist doll. She is oddly drawn to the doll and decides to purchase it after being forewarned about the dolls mysterious past. Unbeknownst to her, the doll is Black Devil Doll from Hell. The devil doll comes alive and gives Helen her heartfelt wish, a wish she may soon regret!

Food For?: A tale about hunger and it’s effect on one poor family and one family member’s soultion to this devastating problem! A tale you will never forget.

The Brothers: Atale of hatred and revenge of supernatural proportions. Two brothers, Fred and Ted Johnson, brothers whom have hated eachother from birth. Fred dies of an apparent heart attack. Ted Steals his body from a funeral home to carry out a strange and bizarre deed that results in a chain of evens that Ted could not have foresee in this life or the next.

Unseen Vision: A tale about Bobby, a dead little boy whom keeps brining his mother strange books to read to him…books that can’t be found in this world!

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Black Devil Doll From Hell/Tales From The Quadead Zone Box set
Black Devil Doll From Hell/Tales From The Quadead Zone Box set
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