First Round Down

FIRST ROUND DOWN’s run is officially extended until Thursday, May 18, 2017,?at the Carlton Cinema, 20 Carlton St.

The Canadian theatrical run began, in Toronto, on Friday, May 5, 2017 at The Carlton Cinema.


FIRST ROUND DOWN – Official Trailer #2

A former hockey star turned hitman returns home after ten years to take care of his younger brother, but his checkered past catches up with him faster than h…

?First Round Down is working class Tarantino, a scrappy crime story that proudly wears its low budget status on its sleeve, wisely investing in story and characters instead of oversized set pieces.??- Richard Crouse, CTV NewsChannel

?(First Round Down) is a wild film and I really enjoyed watching it.? -?Tom Power, q on CBC

?First Round Down is definitively Canadian and worth checking out if you?re into heists, dark humour, and locker room jokes, all packaged in a meticulous and stylish visual design of course.??- Ada Wong, Toronto Film Scene

?Violent, heartfelt and funny…dynamic camerawork???– Albert DeSantis, View Magazine

?Grosse Pointe Blank meets Slap Shot???- Russell Bowers, CBC Radio

?Could be the most iconic Canadian film since Porky?s??- Russell Gragg, CKDU Radio

Official Selections:
2016 Atlantic Film Festival ? World Premiere
2016 Edmonton Film Festival
2016 Hamilton Film Festival
2016 Grand River Film Festival
2016 Gasparilla International Film Festival ? US Premiere
2017 Sonoma International Film Festival
2017 Julien Dubuque International Film Festival
2017 Myrtle Beach International Film Festival


FIRST ROUND DOWN?revolves around Tim Tucker, a former hockey prodigy, who returns home to take care of his younger brother after their parents die. Having spent the last ten years as a hit man for the mob, Tim now lives on the straight and narrow as a pizza delivery driver, laying low and paying the bills. However, a chance encounter with his former girlfriend, coupled with the Sterling Cup reunion and the untimely arrival of his old mob boss in town has Tim?s checkered past catching up to him faster than he can plan one final heist to move on once and for all.

?Our inspiration came from being hockey players growing up with the dream of putting on an NHL jersey,? said co-writers and directors Jason and Brett Butler, ?but when the reality set in that that wasn?t happening, the question became what do you do with all that competitive aggression now that you no longer have the outlet that hockey provided? Tim Tucker is a representation of that.?

CAST: Dylan Bruce (Orphan Black,?Midnight, Texas), Rachel Wilson (Republic of Doyle, The Kennedys, Bomb Girls), Rob Ramsay (Blue Mountain State, Anne) , Peter MacNeill (Rookie Blue, A History of Violence) , Percy Hynes-White (Night at the Museum 3, Murdoch Mysteries), John Kapelos (The Breakfast Club), Kristian Bruun (Orphan Black, Murdoch Mysteries)

DIRECTORS and WRITERS: The Butler Brothers – Brett M. Butler and Jason G. Butler (Mourning has Broken, Confessions of an Unmarried Couple)

Running Time: 98 minutes

Interviews with The Butler Brothers, Rachel Wilson, Rob Ramsay and Peter MacNeill are available by request.
Also, available by request, phoners with Dylan Bruce and Kristian Bruun.

Online Screener and Press Materials available upon request.

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