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Unobstructed View presents Tel Aviv on Fire/Feu à Tel Aviv

Salam, a charming 30-year-old Palestinian living in Jerusalem, works as an intern on a popular Palestinian soap opera, “Tel Aviv on Fire,” which is produced in Ramallah. Every day Salam must pass through an arduous Israeli checkpoint to reach the television studios. He meets the commander of the check-point, Assi, whose wife is a huge fan of the show. In order to impress her, Assi gets involved in the writing of the show.

Tel Aviv on Fire

Unobstructed View Acquires Canadian Rights For TEL AVIV ON FIRE From Indie Sales

Unobstructed View has acquired from Indie Sales the Canadian rights to Sameh Zoabi’s award-winning film TEL AVIV ON FIRE, expanding its slate of award-winning films. TEL AVIV ON FIRE has just been announced to open this year’s Toronto Jewish Film Festival and a theatrical release is planned for the coming months.

Toronto Star: In Between is “intriguing and defiantly feminist”

“The performances are superb and the final scene of all three women sticking together in the face of adversity is sublime.” Read the full review. Mining comedy bronze with Early Man, In Between’s defiant feminism and more: Reel Brief reviews | The Star Animated comedy featuring the voices of Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hiddleston, Maisie Williams, […]

The Globe and Mail: In Between “portrays the pains of modern Palestinian women”

“The three leads are exceptional at playing strong, complicated women who are constantly fighting to find a way around the great divide between the old and the new. Hamoud pulls no punches in how she portrays the painful sacrifices many modern Palestinian women make for a modicum of independence and self-respect.” Read the full review.

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