Tel Aviv on Fire

UNOBSTRUCTED VIEW PRESENTS TEL AVIV ON FIRE/FEU À TEL AVIV (Venice Film Festival Winner) Opens in Toronto at Famous Players Canada Square Cinemas (2190 Yonge Street) on Friday, August 2, 2019. Opens in Montreal at Cinéma du Parc (English - 3575 Park Avenue), Cinéma Beaubien (French- 2396 Rue Beaubien E), Cinéma du Musée (English and French-1379-A Sherbrooke Street W). "The [...]

In Between

IN BETWEEN is Arab-Israeli female director Maysaloun Hamoud’s feature debut, about three Palestinian women sharing an apartment in the heart of Tel Aviv who find themselves doing the same balancing act between tradition and modernity, citizenship and culture, fealty and freedom. Lalia, a criminal lawyer, loves to burn off her workday stress in the underground club scene. Salma, a DJ and bartender, starts a budding relationship with a female medical intern. And their new roommate Nur is a younger, religious Muslim university student whose conservative fianc? is horrified by her secular friends.

RUMBLE: The Indians Who Rocked the World

This revelatory documentary brings to light the profound and overlooked influence of Indigenous people on popular music in North America.

Past Life

Set in 1977 and based on a true story, Past Life is a spellbinding tale that tracks the trans-European odyssey of two sisters as they try to unravel a wartime mystery that has cast a shadow on their lives. Sephi is an ?aspiring composer, determined to succeed in the male-dominated classical music world. Her older sister Nana is a scandal-sheet journalist and aspiring playwright. The daughters of Holocaust survivors, the two are bent on uncovering the truth behind a dark family secret.

First Round Down

FIRST ROUND DOWN revolves around Tim Tucker, a former hockey prodigy, who returns home to take care of his younger brother after their parents die. Having spent the last ten years as a hit man for the mob, Tim now lives on the straight and narrow as a pizza delivery driver, laying low and paying the bills. However, a chance encounter with his former girlfriend, coupled with the Sterling Cup reunion and the untimely arrival of his old mob boss in town has Tim?s checkered past catching up to him faster than he can plan one final heist to move on once and for all.

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