Awakening The Zodiac / Le réveil du zodiaque

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Genre: Thriller
Director: Jonathan Wright
Cast: Leslie Bibb, Matt Craven, Shane West, Stephen McHattie
Year: 2017
Format: DVD
Number of discs: 1
Street Date: 04-Jul-17
Studio: levelFILM

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Mick (Shane West) and Zoe (Leslie Bibb), a young destitute couple hope to change their fortune when they take possession of a deserted storage locker. The locker’s contents appear to be worthless until they make a discovery deep inside a piece of furniture: an old 8mm film reel. When the reel depicts forty-year-old footage of two murders taken by the killer himself, they soon realize they have stumbled across evidence of the infamous Zodiac killer. With a big reward for information leading to the killer’s capture, they embark on a hunt to solve one of history’s most perplexing and chilling unsolved mysteries, but will the hunters become the hunted?

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